US P‚Äčatented Solution to 

Shield, Prevent and Protect

"A nano-bonding solution effective against viruses and bacteria for a minimum of 30 days"


For example of a simple self application of the

Medecide (TM) Solution, Medetech Corporation 

P3 Shield LLC is a distributor for Medetech Corporation, Medecide(TM) Product Solution. The Founder and CEO of Medetech Corporation is the Founder & CEO of OxiScience LLC.

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Where your standard solutions eliminate virus/bacteria on contact; once the solution evaporates it is no longer effective in killing or eliminating virus/bacteria. It is a once and done solution.

Independent lab test proves the effectiveness of the bonding solution in eliminating virus and bacteria for a minimum of 30 days.


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P3Shield is a company focused on distributing a packaged preventive solution kit for eliminating   bacteria and viruses off hard and soft surfaces. Created for home, business, and institutional owners. The "Preventative Solution" kits and bulk solution products manufactured by the company OxiScience LLC, which combines research and technology to produce effective microbial solutions for end-users. 

This solution is also capable of eliminating the virus off interiors and exteriors of private and commercial vehicles. The one-gallon solution, self-administered application kit will cover an estimated 5,000 -10,000 square feet of surface area. 

The treated surfaces are safe to touch, the formula is water based and is simple to apply with traditional equipment and methods. After application, the solution will remain active a minimum of 30 days or more on the surface.

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We find ourselves at the dawn of a new era. An era of social distancing, and an era with heightened focus on health safety that many of us have never seen in our lifetime. What seemed like a distant concern yesterday is a paramount concern today....

Now is the time to take the first step to returning to a life that we all know and treasure with our families and friends. A life with the eagerness to safely come together for the greater good of all mankind.

The first step to reconnecting with the outside world must be creating the safest environment possible. Creating that environment starts with P3Shield LLC.

Armed with the products offered by P3Shield LLC you can take comfort in knowing that you have taken proactive steps and created a safe environment that keeps yourself, family, friends, employees and customers as well as everyone we interact with on a daily basis healthy.

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